Aunt Silva’s triple room

Aunt Silva always had a smile on her face and was in robust health, she spend a significant part of her life at the homestead. She was a classmate of mother Marija and was hired to help the grandmother. She stayed at the homestead for many years and represented to us a grandma, whom we have never known.

A triple room outfitted with every modern convenience needed for your pleasant stay at Pr’ Gavedarjo in Podkoren near Kranjska Gora:

    • uniquely designed bathrooms with toilet and shower and a counter with a wash basin
    • unlimited WI-FI access
    • flat TV with satelite channels
    • energy-economical refrigerator (if you wish and order in advance it can be  filled with the goodies from neighbouring farms)
    • unique textiles by Almira Sadar, a Slovenian designer Almira Sadar
    • furniture made of natural materials exclusively: solid Slovenian wood, treated with wax of oil
    • organic mattresses from natural latex and certified organic cotton
    • towels and bedclothes with ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE certificate
    • one hundred year old paintings on the walls preserved to show the slovenian heritage in its own natural element


The size of the room is 25 m2.

Date:April 21, 2013