Location and surroundings

Our location near Kranjska Gora makes Pr’ Gavedarjo an excellent starting point for day trips to the Slovene as well as Austrian and Italian countryside.

The Upper Sava Valley is a true treasure trove of stories written by nature and history…

Nestled in the far northwestern corner of Slovenia, the magical Upper Sava Valley lies between the peaks of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke mountains, at the edge of Triglav National Park. Surrounded by vast coniferous forests and pristine rivers and streams, the valley is rich with ethnographic gems and thrilling surprises. The valley brims with natural beauty while remaining vibrant, featuring interesting settlements, the most prominent being Kranjska Gora.

Our homestead is located in Podkoren, just 2 km from Kranjska Gora. The village is also traversed by a long-distance cycling route, which follows the former railway line from Mojstrana through Kranjska Gora to Italy.

Kranjska Gora – A Hub for Skiing and Cosmopolitan Adventures

Kranjska Gora is an active ski resort in winter and a center for cycling events in summer, serving as an excellent starting point for nature excursions. Around the village core has developed a new tourist settlement, providing guests with everything they need for a perfect vacation.

From its origins as a shepherd’s village in the 14th century, Kranjska Gora has evolved into today’s cosmopolitan alpine village due to its increasing strategic importance, which led to the construction of the road over Vršič and the railway line, as well as the later establishment of the Planica ski jump. The record-breaking flights at Planica boosted tourism, and the first ski lifts were built on the slopes of Vitranc. Today, the area offers skiing, a summer toboggan run, climbing walls, interesting museums, ethnographic events, wild parties, and much more.

Jezero Jasna v Kranjski Gori

Podkoren – The Alpine Heart of the Upper Sava Valley

The mysterious village of Podkoren, just two kilometers from Kranjska Gora, offers peace and relaxation and is beautifully preserved, showcasing all elements of Upper Sava architectural heritage. With its ski slope on the village’s edge, Podkoren hosts the annual World Cup in alpine skiing and boasts the stunning Zelenci nature reserve, home to the source of the Sava Dolinka river.

Podkoren is a historical “toll” village, where a medieval cobbled road and postal carriage once passed. Until the construction of the Karawanks tunnel, the road over Korensko Saddle was a main traffic route to Central and Northern Europe, amassing many mystical stories. Podkoren is also known for its fun events, such as the Three Lands’ Krampus Meeting.

Izvir Zelencev, Kranjska Gora

Mojstrana – Gateway to Triglav National Park

Mojstrana sits at the entrance to Triglav National Park, from where three beautiful alpine valleys lead into the heart of the Julian Alps. The Krma Valley offers the easiest access to Triglav, the Kot Valley enchants with its tranquility, and the Vrata Valley amazes with the mighty Triglav North Wall. A visit to the Slovenian Alpine Museum is a must for all hikers, and above Mojstrana, lovers of sacred art and antique alpine architecture will be charmed. Once known for mining and ironworking, Mojstrana is today famous for its excellent mountaineers and skiers, with 18 Slovenian Olympians born in or around Mojstrana.


Rateče – Planica and Ski Jumping

“The heroes of Planica fly like birds…” is perhaps the most famous tune in Rateče. Icon of folk music Slavko Avsenik dedicated Planica to ski jumpers at one of the world’s largest ski flying hills, Planica. Rateče is known for its long, cold winters but also for plenty of sunny days, inviting walks across mountain meadows at the foot of the Karavanke mountains. Visit the replicas of the famous Rateče Manuscripts in the Church of St. Thomas in Rateče, one of the four oldest records in the Slovenian language.