Our story

The story of the Prʼ Gavedarjo homestead begins with a small cottage in the centre of a hamlet; our great grandpa bought it before World War I and thus started to write the story of our home. It was back then when love for cultural heritage and tradition began since the old house had not been pulled down but was built into a new much larger one and in this way the unforgettable stories of the homestead itself were preserved.

It is the stories that make our rooms Pr’ Gavedarjo unique since so many have entwined over the 100-year-old history of the homestead. Your personal story, too, has thus been made part of the story of every room. Hence the stories of the grandma Marija, father Franc aunt Silva and the stable boy Jaka from the past link up to that of daddy Janez, the present owner and husbandman of the homestead and a great environmentalist of Podkoren. Each room tells its story and completes it with a choice furnishing and textiles waiting to experience your story and yours alone.

Pr' Gavedarjo B&B Kranjska Gora v starih časih

Nature and culture heritage protection

The concept of our homestead renovation is unique since it connects the two stories which have been present in our family for many years. The environmental protection aspect reflects the use of natural materials, energy efficiency and a minimum impact on the environment, while the cultural protection aspect reflects the preservation of the cultural heritage, namely the homestead.

A carefully designed of the Pr’ Gavedarjo homestead rooms living space tells its own stories, namely, the stories where coziness and comfort, linked up with the visual perfection of living space and Slovenian cultural heritage, are intertwined. When staying with us you will experience a genuine coziness and appealing elegance. These feelings are imprinted in every detail and immediately arouse unrepeatable experiences, moments of relaxation and comfort.

Pr' Gavedarjo B&B Kranjska Gora, soba tatka Janeza