General Terms and Conditions

The Pr’Gavedarjo Hotel (hereinafter referred to as Hotel, Podkoren 72, 4280 Kranjska Gorarent accommodations in compliance with General Terms and Conditions as follows.

I. Conclusion of a Contract

The contract is concluded when the Hotel receives a written order from a customer. It is assumed that the customer, by sending a written order, fully accepts General Terms and Conditions.

II. Services and Prices

The Hotel shall have the rooms a customer has booked ready and shall follow through the agreed upon services. The customer undertakes to pay for the services they have used. The customer shall have no right to additional services that have not been promised to them, to wit, that are not included in the offer of the Hotel.

All the prices in the price-list are in € and inclusive of the valued added tax (VAT). Tourist tax is an additional item to pay, which is why it is not included in the price of an overnight stay.

III. Room Availability, Delivery and Conditions of Staying at the Hotel  

The Hotel shall do their best to take into consideration the customer’s wishes when booking a room. On the day of the arrival, the room booked is available to the customer from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. On arrival, the customer receives the key of the room and the key of the entrance door of the Hotel. Whenever the customer enters or leaves the Hotel they shall lock the entrance door. For the reasons of hygiene and safeguarding the pavements the customer shall, prior to going upstairs, take off the shoes and put on slippers, to wit, footwear to be worn indoors.  On arrival, the client is provided with a folder with all the necessary information with respect to the stay in the Hotel, a survey questionnaire, data to access Wi-Fi, the Hotel’s business card and a phone number to be able to contact one of the staff.

On the check-out day, the customer shall vacate the room by 10 a.m. and leave the key at the reception.  If the customer fails to do so and checks out by 1 p.m., the Hotel may charge additional 10 €.

Breakfast:  from 8 a.m. through 10 a.m. Breakfast before 8 a.m. is only possible if previously agreed.

Prior to checking-out the staff will inspect the room for potential damage.

IV. Payment

All services that have not been paid yet, shall be paid by the customer in cash upon checking out.  On arrival, the customer shall make a deposit of 200 € as a security which will be refunded when the customer checks out provided that no damage has been caused by the customer in/on the Hotel.

Means of Payment

We accept the following methods of payment: cash, debit cards (Maestro) and credit cards: (MasterCard/Eurocard, Visa, Dinners, and American Express), funds transfer to our transaction account prior to checking out.

V. Cancellation of the Contract by a Customer

Cancellation shall be made in writing. Conditions to cancel a booking are as follows:

VI. Cancellation of the Contract by the Hotel

The Hotel shall have the right to cancel a contract if certain amount of money has not been transferred within the agreed upon time limit, to wit, the money has not been on the current account in time. The Hotel shall furthermore have the right to cancel a contract for a materially justifiable reason (i.e. force majeure or other circumstances for which the Hotel is not responsible or owing to misleading, namely incorrect essential data submitted by a customer).

VII. Guarantee by the Hotel

The Hotel guarantees for its contractual obligations with the duty of care of an ordinary merchant pursuant with the performance of its obligations arising from the contract.  A customer’s claims for damages are excluded (unless a claim is for the damage arisen from a willful or very serious breach of a contractual responsibility). If a disturbance or damage relative to a hotel service occurs, the Hotel will use its best endeavours to remedy it within the shortest time limit possible and the customer shall contribute to the remediation of the disturbance, to wit, minimisation of the damage.  The Hotel only guarantees for any property a customer has brought into the Hotel in compliance with the provisions of law in case the damage has arisen due to the Hotel who has infringed its duty. The Hotel shall not assume any responsibility for a customer’s vehicle parked in its car park; this further applies to the customer’s objects kept in the vehicle unless the damage has been caused through a willful act of the Hotel staff or is a result of a gross negligence on their part.  The Hotel shall not assume any responsibility for the objects a customer has ordered into the Hotel or services outsourced by the same unless this has previously been agreed in person or in writing between the Hotel and a customer (i.e. acceptance of concert tickets if the acceptance has not been previously accurately agreed upon).

VIII. Use of Personal information/data

The Hotel shall safeguard all acquired personal information/data in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. It is deemed that by accepting an offer a customer agrees to the use of these data also for statistical processing and providing information on our offers. If a customer disagrees with the former, they can make a respective statement upon checking in.

IX. Final Provisions

All offer-related prices of the Pr’ Gavedarjo Hotel are inclusive of value added tax (VAT). Any dispute between the contracting parties shall be governed by the court with subject matter jurisdiction in Ljubljana.



Minimum length of stay:

Should a customers stay be shorter than above, the prices from the price list are raised by 20 %.  


Minimum length of stay:

Should a customers stay be shorter than above, the prices from the price list are raised by 20 %.  

Fees and surcharges